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We also offer secondary services such as dedorization, Indoor Air Quality improvement, traffic lane restoration, fogging, decontamination of urine and fecal deposits, and other helpful services.

We specialize in properly cleaning Olefin Berber carpeting and specialty fabrics such as wool, jute, Haitian Cotton, and other problematic fabrics.


Many customers ask what they can use to clean a stain after their carpets have been cleaned. Bill's offers its own cleaning solution for this very purpose. Ask your technician for bottle!


dust miteBill's Carpet Care offers an exclusive service to the Tallahassee area for asthmatics, immuno compromised individuals, and anyone interested in having a sanitized dwelling space to breathe in. By now, most people are aware of dust mites and the dangers they present. These microns sized pests feed off of the human dander that we all shed every day. The average person sheds about 1 to 1.5 grams of skin a day-that is roughly enough to cover a dollar bill. The average person sheds 10 pounds of skin every year and produces100 liters of sweat. The dust mites eat the dander and their excrement has been medically proven to trigger allergic reactions, like asthma, bronchitis, eczema and more. Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies created by dust mites. The majority of the dust mites will be found in your bed since you spend approximately 1/3 of your life there and so sanitizing your mattresses is a good place to start and can be followed by sanitizing your carpets, upholstery , drapes, and even hard surface floor areas

Bill's offers a comprehensive approach to ridding your home of these pests and providing you with a heathy atmosphere to breath in. Our process will kill and remove dust mites for almost 6 months and so it is recommended to have this service performed bi-annually to insure your health and well being. A complimentary test can be performed to demonstrate the need for this important service. Bill's uses a combination of methods including a sanitizer that was originally developed for the medical industry to sterilize hospitals and operating rooms and has now been approved by the EPA for domestic use. It is a triple Phenol which guarantees 99.9% kill ratio for creating a sanitized environment. Bill's offers brochures, MSDS sheets, and other literature to fully inform our customers of our unique service. If you are tired of being sick, then consider utilizing this valuable service for a better night's sleep!

Additionally, Bill's also offers secondary services in this health battle such as air scrubbing your house with industrial HEPA filters, ozone cleansing, and thermal fogging. Think the air in your house is clean? Let us put in one of our air scrubbers and show you what is floating around in your home that you are breathing in every day! According to the EPA, the air in homes is up to 100 times more polluted than the outdoor air. Most allergy and asthma sources are passed from person to person through the air. The air in a single room can contain hundreds of thousands of infectious bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, and contaminants, which can only be seen in a microscope. Airborne contaminants can cause diseases such as influenza, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. We fill our lungs up to 20,000 times each day, with more than 1/3 of these actions occurring during the normal sleep period. Is the air that you breathe clean or contaminated? Did you know that when a cat shakes and scratches itself, the dander that flies off of into the air will take almost 10 hours to land back on your carpets. There are also strains of bacteria that can remain airborne for months at a time as well. Next time you go to the movies, look up at the projector and observe all of the particles and contaminants suspended in the air that you are breathing.

Source: Information provided by the EPA, CDC and the Institute for Clean Air.


Most Berber carpet is made from Olefin, which is oilophillic (oil loving) and soils easily but doesn't release the dirt molecules without extra cleaning measures, so it is harder to clean than nylon pile carpet, for example. Being an IICRC Certified Firm, we prefer to clean Olefin products the proper way. We offer an Olefin pre-spray that will aid in cleaning your Berber products properly and prevent them from "streaking" or "browning". Our pre-spray also serves as an insurance policy to our valued customers, in that if a problem arises, we will return at no charge and correct the situation. It costs just a little more to use mill recommended cleaners to do the job correctly. Without the pre-spray, we cannot guarantee the outcome of the cleaning.


Bill's offers a pre-conditioning traffic lane cleaner to enhance the cleaning of your carpet and upholstery. In a basic cleaning situation, the wand is passed over the carpet twice. One stroke is the injection pass to administer the cleaning agents and the other pass is to remove them and the soil back up into the recovery tank. This method is comparable to washing a stained article of clothing in your washing machine on a regular cycle with no additional stain removers or agitation process. By using the pre-spray, an additional step is involved. The solution is applied to the carpet and is given sufficient time to dwell and break down the heavy soils so that when the cleaning steps begin, a much deeper cleaning is achieved by removing soils that are not even seen. This approach is more like washing a stained article of clothing on the heavy duty cycle with pre-spotters and extra agitation steps.

It should be noted that if you measure the ends of 1 of your hairs from your scalp in a microscope, it will be approximately 400 microns. In carpet cleaning, we deal with particles sometimes as small as 40-60 microns. These soil particles rub against the carpet fibers when walked over abraiding and prematurely wearing your carpet. The human eye may see the carpet as relatively clean, but the microscope does not lie, so we recommend pre-spray on every job to achieve the deepest cleaning possible and removal of the smallest soil particles.


Urine is mostly ammonia, which is a weak form of bleach and contains bacteria that if left alone in the right conditions can multiply and cause severe problems especially to asthmatic or immuno compromised individuals. We cannot guarantee the complete removal of the stain itself as it depends on such factors as length of time in carpeting, other chemicals that the customer may have applied to the stain trying to remove it, and even the type of food the pet eats. In purchasing the antibacteriant treatment, we are neutralizing the existing bacteria so that it does not spread and become more prevalent by using an EPA registered sanitizer.

As far as complete odor removal, several approaches may need to be employed to achieve this goal from replacing the damaged pad, to ozone treatment or thermal fogging, and other needed treatments and so we cannot guarantee complete odor removal without a comprehensive plan involving such steps.


Bill's offers a unique method for tile and grout cleaning. Your tile is first inspected for deficiencies and lippage. Next the tile and grout are cleaned with a 2 step method involving an alkaline cleaner being applied and hand brushed in. Then it is rinsed with high pressure steam. Afterwards, an acid cleaner is applied and the tile is then rinsed with a neutral agent to leave the floor fresh, clean, and properly PH balanced. A sealer can then be applied for an additional charge that will protect you tile and grout for years to come. We also offer a demonstration of our superior sealer that will outperform any of our competitors.

Never take anyone's word on sealers or teflon protection — make them prove to you what you are paying for!


Again being an IICRC Certified Firm, Bill's only uses the best products that provide the best performance. We are pleased to offer genuine Dupont Stainmaster Teflon products to protect your investment. Ours may cost a little more than our competitors and this is because the Teflon is mixed to the manufacturer's specifications. This costs more money than simply putting a few drops of Teflon in the container and filling it with water. We don't sell water-we sell Teflon! Ask for a free demonstration of how our product works to protect your investment. We challenge any competitor that charges less for protection to test their product against ours!